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The Job Role of an EMT!!


Most people can go their entire career without making a life-or-death decision at work. Most emergency medical technicians (EMT) can't go a single day without making one.

EMTs are first responders in the event of medical emergencies. They respond to any medical emergency, but the most common are car accidents, childbirth, violent traumas, heart attacks and accidents. Emergency medical technicians are usually dispatched by emergency operators (9-1-1). After arriving on the scene, they work with other emergency personnel (fire fighters and police) to stabilize and transport patients to hospitals best equipped to treat them.


Over the years local/volunteer EMS services across the state and nation have struggled to attract and keep members for this vital service. We are not alone there was a time when our community enjoyed having people in town all the time. Now with more demands on family life and both spouses working out of town it is getting harder and harder to staff our ambulance 24 x 7. We have lost members over the years who have retired or moved out of the area and need your help in filling these voids. Contact our EMS Chief Derek Miller or any one of the current members so that you can obatin information on how to become a member.

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